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Meet Clumsy Yogi Nat

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Her first semester at The University of South Florida, Natalie began attending group fitness classes. Second semester, she was enrolled in the recreation departments instructor training course and began feeling her passion for teaching and educating others. By summer semester, Natalie was teaching multiple formats at her University and a local all-women’s studio.

During this time, she was afforded the opportunity to earn a Yoga-Fit Foundations certification at no cost. This 20-hour training showed Natalie how easily yoga can be melded into any physical practice, and she began applying the principles to her own life. Soon graduating from the University of South Florida with her B.A. in Health Sciences.

While continuing to teach multiple fitness and yoga modalities at several different locations, Natalie obtained her Health Coach Certification and began coaching individual clients at a franchised wellness center. During the next year she dedicated herself to her clients, teaching healthy, sustainable habits and even helping some loose more than 25lbs.

As life always finds a way to, it threw Natalie for quite a loop. In a moment of impulsivity, after years of fantasizing and only imagining it as her wildest dream, Natalie booked her 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training course with Yoga Vidya Mandiram. And just like that, she began preparing for her two months stay in Rishikesh, India. The yoga capital of the world!

12 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 2 months, Natalie did nothing but eat, sleep, breath, dream, YOGA! It was strenuous. It was hard mental, physical, and emotional work. Even during the first week when she had to manage with just the clothes on her back and a carry-on full of empty journals and socks, she was in bliss. Her packing and traveling skills are another story. For the first time, being completely on her own, learning who she was. Mind, body and soul. Through the physical, mental, and emotional practice of yoga, Natalie felt whole. Natalie felt like her own person, and to this day loves learning about herself. Mind, body and soul.

After her travels, Natalie returned home to sunny Clearwater, Florida. Soon teaching beach yoga and other fitness modalities to a melting pot of students. Male and female. Young and retried. First timers and those with abilities that have far surpassed her own. Each one expanding her individual craft and experience of how yoga affects the differently abled.

Natalie took on the role of Memory Care Specialist within the Activities department of an assisted living facility. With the desire to help and lots of patience, Natalie began learning how to bring yoga and meditation to a population unlike any she had experienced before. Witnessing the calm and happiness that fell over the residents as she brought yoga into their daily routine, only solidified her passion to bring yoga to the masses.

Attending trainings, obtaining certifications, listening to podcasts, and reading, Natalie continues to learn each and every day. For years, she has worked with clients of all ages, experience, and mobility level. Natalie is adept at transforming each class into a personal experience, seamlessly connecting mind, body and soul.

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