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Headstand Help


Headstand // Sirsasana

In this article, we build our mind muscle connection and deepen our understanding of the headstand by exploring what parts of our body create, support, and strengthen this posture.

How to Headstand


What We Use





Poses to Prepare

How to: Forearm

How to: Tripod Variation // Sirsasana II

Modifications & Warnings

Training Drills


Click below to discover drills that can help us gain the strength and mobility to get into headstands, holding longer and with more precision.

Walk Up's

If working in forearm variation and you have trouble getting up and holding practice walking up.

Setting up head and forearms, walking feet up to stack hips over head and focus on your core engagement.

Walk down slow, rest in childs pose and repeat.

If working in tripod variation, practice placing knees to uppers arms and holding there with a focus on core engagement.

Knee Tucks

"L" Wall Holds

Slow Jump- Up's

Straight leg lowers

Play Around


Things to Keep in Mind

Posture // Base // Breath // Core

Skills take time to improve & also take time to build strength and COMFORT in.

When you lose balance, bring focus to your foundation. Head and forearms or head and hands. Notice where you are wavering and begin to create a mental note of where YOU specifically need to focus.

Come out of these poses the same way you come into them. Slow, controlled, and in good form.

Think about gravity when standing up. We don't accordion and slouch into ourselves, and when we do it's bad posture. We push ourselves off of the ground, lengthen the spine, engage but untense the muscles. The same must be done when we get upside down. Length from head to heels.


Thanks for Reading


Drop in the comments any questions you may have and what other poses you would like to learn!

P.S. How to videos will be linked in soon!

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